Ultramind Shoe Shiner SS-02


Color White
Brand Avro
Usage/Application Hotel, Restaurant, Hospital, Office, Factories, Airport
Material Wooden Steel Finish
Voltage 40W (220V AC)
Warranty 12 Months
Weight 7 KG
Model Name/Number SS-02


Ultramind Shoe Shiner Machine -SS-02

Ultramind Automatic shoe shiner machines operate with infrared sensors and can detect presence of a shoe in the slot. When the sensor gets activated, a soft brush of high quality fiber starts rotating and cleans the shoe within seconds.

Avro is the leading supplier of automatic shoe shiner machines all over India. Top quality rotary motors and brushes are used in our shoe shiners. Highly reliable, efficient, hygienic aesthetic design suitable for Five star Hotels, Restaurants, Officers, Golf Clubs, Airports, Stadiums etc.

Product Specification :

  • Unit Size : 14.5Lx8Bx13H
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Power Consumption(W) : 40W (220V AC)
  • Brushes : 1 Black And 1 Brown
  • Auto Cut : 15 Sec.