Ultramind Mr.Black-07 Alcohol Breath Analyser



  • Multi-person continuous and rapid investigation
  • Automatic suction, safer and more hygienic
  • Results in seconds, non-contact continuous detection
  • Large-capacity battery, long working time
  • Support built-in SIM card
  • Voice broadcast, convenient for officers who are on duty
  • Electrochemical sensors are imported from the UK
  • 90,000 records can be checked, directly connected to computer, can be read at any time
  • Alcohol tester, strong light flashlight, baton, whistle, window breaker functions five in one


Product characteristics and operation

Command stick operation: Short press the & warning light button & quot;

Turn on the boton to remain on

Short press a few times to cycle through options: constantly on, strobe, interactive flash, or off.

Flashlight operation: Short press the lighting button & quot; once

Turn on the floodlight and keep it on again

Short press the light, then short press again to turn off the light

Whistle operation: Short press the electronic whistle button;

The machine beeped, Long press  Electricity


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