Safegate 16Z Multi Zone Door Frame Metal Detector

Metal Detector Type Door Frame Metal Detectors
Model Name/Number Safegate-16Z
Detection Zones 16 Zone
Brand Safegate
Usage/Application Restaurant, Office, Factory, Shopping Mall, Airport, Metro Station, Events & Exhibition
Color Grey
Metal Type Ferrous & Non Ferrous
Battery Backup 12 Hours
Temperature -10Deg C to +55Deg C
Humidity 95% non-condensing
Weight 70 Kg
Operating Principle Pulse CW


Multi Zone Door Frame Metal Detectors-16Zone

  • Pin Point metal Detector Gate
  • High Performance walk through Metal Detectors

SAFEGATE is a high performance Sixteen zone walkthrough metal detector. Each detection zone functions as an independent detector and automatically increases discrimination by reducing the cumulative signal effect caused by distributed harmless objects.

A full-height light bar displays the location of the detected metal masses in transit. This results in rapid identification of threat and a reduction of manual searches.

LED bar-graph, indicator lamps, sensitivity and alarm controls are provided in the console at the top of the door frame.

Only components of the highest quality and proven reliability are employed in the manufacture of SAFEGATE to ensure a long, trouble-free life. A mother board system with plug-in cards is employed for minimum down time and ease of serviceability.

  • 16 zone detection for precise target location
  • Reliable microprocessor based design
  • Built-in battery backup of over 12hours
  • Intelligent traffic counter
  • Access to programming protected by password
  •  Low field strength – no affect on pacemakers and magnetic media

SENSITIVITY:250 sensitivity levels for each zone for precision detection of target objects.

CALIBRATION: Automatic calibration. No initial or periodic calibration necessary.

POWER SOURCE: SMPS 90-270V AC & 12V/7AH Battery Seamless battery changeover in case of mains failure Batteries are internally & automatically charged during operation

TRAFFIC COUNTER: Microcontroller based intelligent LCD counter to indicate in, out and algebraic sum of the traffic. It also keep a track on number of Alarms and Alarm percentage.

DETECTION ZONES:16 overlapping detector zones.

BATTERY BACKUP:Integral rechargeable Battery with built-in charger to cope with power failures of over 12 hours.

INTERFERENCE REJECTION: High immunity to external electrical interference, such as x-ray machines, Computer or CCTV monitors detected.

TEMPERATURE: -10Deg C to +55Deg C & humidity of 95% non-condensing.

CONSTRUCTION:Rugged structure made with detachable side panels for ease to install & transportation.

WEIGHT:70Kgs (Approx)


PC CONNECTIVITY (Optional):Ethernet based PC connectivity for


remote programming & monitoring.

PASSWORD PROTECTION: Password protection to prevent tampering of settings.

MEMORY:Parameters stored in non-volatile RAM so no loss of settings as a result of power failure or turning off the unit.


Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 3-4 DAYS BY COURIER & TRANSPORT

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