Quick Test Alcohol Breath Analyzer AT-7000

Instrument Name Breath Analyser
Usage/Application Law Enforcement Agencies
Model Name/Number AT-7000
Brand Ultramind
Warning Signal Beep
Parameters Blood Alcohol Content
Automation Semi Automatic

26,500.00 32,000.00

Quick Test Alcohol Breath Analyser AT7000

Product Description : The Non Contact Alcohol Tester AT7000 breathalyser was designed to perform large numbers of non-contact alcohol screenings. It will prove itself in situations calling for determination of alcohol presence and estimated concentration in a breath sample, when time is of utmost importance, instead of exact results.


The AT7000 screenining alcometer requires no mouthpieces to operate, which reduces operation costs and increases the ease of use – features especially useful for employers, security services, or the police. The AT7000 non-contact alcohol testers are mainly used by:

Product Specification :-

  • Warm up time: less than 20 seconds (typical)Unique 4 digits LCD display
  • Illumination for use in dark ( Auto shut off after 20 seconds)
  • Measuring range: 0.00-2.00(1.00mg/L)
  • Accuracy: . /- 0.015?A at 0.05?C
  • Blowing time: 1 to 3seconds
  • Breath Tester used as a monitor, it can indicate when equivalent blood alcohol percentages are below or above the legal limits